Be Social, Not Sold

Mozzler is a social network with no adverts, no data mining and better conversations.

No Adverts

Your news feed should be free of advertising so you can focus on your friends and your favourite pages.

Chronological Timeline

A timeline that shows everying in order — without constantly changing algorithms changing what you see.

Go Viral? Get Paid.

You can earn money based on the number of likes received from other users.

Better Conversations

It’s time for an evolution in how we hold conversations online so we can have civil debates, tackle fake news and easily discover alternative viewpoints.

Support Your Favourites

A platform that allows you to financially support your favourite pages so they can continue producing top quality content, without influence from advertising dollars.

Enhanced Privacy

Sharing with your friends and catching up on the latest news doesn’t have to come at the expense of your privacy and data tracking from companies with dubious practices.